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Thatching Service

A Lot Maintenance takes good care of your lawn's health. Call us for lawn dethatching services!

We offer parking lot maintenance, snow moving and branch removal services in Nassau County.

Lawn Dethatching Services

Dethatching is a restorative service recommended for lawns that have an extremely thick thatch layer. If your lawn feels spongy and bouncy, contact our expert to take care of your lawn!

Part of our landscaping job includes dethatching your lawn. At A Lot Maintenance, we have the knowledge and expertise to maintain the health of your turf, be it dethatching or lawn aeration.

Trust our experience for your lawn dethatching needs

Thatching Service Nassau County
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What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration involves removing chunks of grass and soil so air, water and nutrients can penetrate the ground and reach plant roots.

A Lot Maintenance uses special tools like the aerator to perforate the lawn and pull up plugs of turf. By decomposing, these pulled-out plugs become beneficial nutrients to your lawn and contribute to the beauty of your turf.

Helping you take care of your lawn's health


What Sets Us Apart?

  • We finish projects on time, within budget and according to client's specifications
  • We are thorough and efficient in every task we perform

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