Specialized All Seasons Maintenance Services for Commercial Lots

Seeding Services

A Lot Maintenance offers professional lawn seeding and dethatching services. Call us!

Lawn Seeding Services

Contact A Lot Maintenance if you're looking for professional lawn seeding services!

We offer expert guidance on choosing the right grass seed mixture for your lawn, ensure it is properly prepared for lawn seeding, and apply your lawn’s grass seed.

We use equipment that promotes strong roots, thick and beautiful turf.

A beautiful lawn starts with quality grass seed and professional seeding

Seeding Service Nassau County
Seeding Service Levittown

Lawn Reseeding

If and when your lawn starts looking thin and brown, it's time to call experts for reseeding services. A Lot Maintenance can help you get that thick, lush and green look you've always wanted for your lawn.

Be it reseeding or overseeding, we can help strengthen and thicken your grass to protect it against the weather. By applying grass seeds over an existing lawn, we help fill in bare spots and reinvigorate your lawn.

Reseeding is quick, cheap and a healthy method to care for your lawn


Our Property Maintenance services Include:

  • Debris removal
  • Lawn thatching
  • Bush and trees trimming
  • Application of fertilizers

We do lawn thatching and reseeding.

A Lot Maintenance

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